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About us

 Adel Law Office was stablished in 1980


The Law Offices of Adel have successfully solved many judicial and none judicial disputes

Recently, it has grown to current size through careful selection of partner –associate and business minded approach   The firm growth has been driven by the needs of its client which including many leading international and domestic companies as well as individuals.

The firm provides high level legal services to respected high profile corporation and its each individual client and never lost any case by far. It is simple we can only succeed if you succeed and as such, we are ultimately here to unsure you get the best legal services.  

Building on an excellent track record Adel international law firm is a full service legal firm that merged with some of very well known international law firms. Thereby  is expanding its services in the areas of specialized dispute claims, business disputes, contract  arbitration, in domestic and international law in particular investment, consulting, and arbitration for clients from countries such as England, France United States and the other countries. 


Fair Law Institute

If your property problems confuse you

If you need a referee to resolve your dispute

If you are disappointed with the proof of your financial claims and its compensation

If you are unable to arrange important contracts and documents

If you are confused about the right investment choices

If the issues of monopoly inheritance concern you

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corporate and institutional

property owners

If you are looking to prove your right, we need your help.


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